CallBack with voipGATE: New functionality and lower costs

voipGATE is proud to announce the launch of its new […]

April 28, 2009

voipGATE is proud to announce the launch of its new CallBack Services available for websites, mobile phones and iPhones.

voipGATE’s CallBack Services is available as Web CallBack for any website and as CallBack for any mobile phone devices, including the iPhone, in just a few clicks. This Service is free for any voipGATE customer, as no subscription fee is involved and the customer will only be charged for communications.

voipGATE’s CallBack Service on mobile phones offers an easy way for low-cost international calls. The user just needs to type in the desired phone number and the CallBack will then be initiated. The CallBack is invoiced by voipGATE and thus involves an effective decrease in communications costs. The CallBack functionality is also dotmobi and iPhone compliant.

Web CallBack

The Web CallBack functionality offers a number of advantages for website owners who want to be in touch with their website visitors. The visitor just needs to type its phone number in a form to be called back by the owner of the website. It is an excellent tool for e-commerce website owners, who can use the Web CallBack as a free toll number for example and allow visitors to easily get in touch with them. It is possible to define the structure and parameters of the Web CallBack by setting up specific times and phone numbers. This allows great flexibility and mobility to all.

Jorge Marques, COO of voipGATE, explains, “Our CallBack Services were already present in the services we are offering from the start, but we completely redesigned and improved the CallBack Services to respond to our Customer needs. The CallBack for mobile devices is compliant with dotmobi, this means that it is adapted for any Internet enabled device.

iPhone users are automatically recognized and the callback interface adapts to the iPhone”. Jorge adds, “Regarding a web application usage, it is quite straightforward. The service can be added onto any site via copy pasting an image button. The Web CallBack can then be initiated in only one single click and at no costs for the person initiating the call. Even the new communication ‘hub’ that is the .tel is supported on web version of the CallBack Service”, voipGATE has recently improved its Softphone functionalities and has completely integrated all the .tel services to provide its customers a more tailored experience and a complete immersion in the 21st century communication ‘hub’.

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