BT Radianz celebrates 10 years of networking to the financial services community

BT this month celebrates the 10th anniversary of the launch […]

June 28, 2010

BT this month celebrates the 10th anniversary of the launch of its BT Radianz services, which support the world’s largest secure networked financial community. The BT Radianz managed infrastructure has played a pivotal role in connecting global financial markets. Today it supports more than 14,000 financial sites around the world, delivering application services from more than 400 leading service and content providers including the world’s top banks, broker-dealers, investments managers and exchanges.

Its geographic reach has more than tripled since its inception, and now extends to over 60 countries and developing markets, including Russia, Brazil, Korea and Taiwan, with more new markets to come.

The financial services world is a very different place now compared to 10 years ago. BT now enables financial institutions to access hundreds of service providers efficiently and cost-effectively, including market data vendors, banks, brokers, exchanges, multi-lateral trading facilities (MTFs), clearing and settlement providers.

With expanded and new data centres and cutting-edge technology, BT Radianz Proximity and BT Radianz Ultra continue to be the industry’s leading services for low-latency hosting and connectivity. BT’s products and capabilities in this space have facilitated the revolution that has taken place in electronic trading since the inception of Radianz in 2000 and ongoing developments and enhancements continue to support ever lower-latency trading. These services also complement BT’s communication and infrastructure services which deliver a broader range of networked capabilities that support the full trade cycle from voice through to fully-unified and converged multimedia communications that integrate into the trading workflow of any market participant.

Randall Hopkins, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products, said: “After 10 years the BT Radianz managed infrastructure continues to facilitate electronic trading for our mutual customers. NASDAQ has maintained a relationship with BT Radianz stretching back several years. As a result, the BT Radianz technology offerings have allowed us to reach an even wider customer base who now have access to our Euro data feed and our suite of industry-leading products such as European Last Sale, NASDAQ TotalView, NASDAQ Basic and Nordic Equity TotalView.”

Larry Tabb, founder and CEO, Tabb Group, also commented: “BT has built the industry’s largest dedicated financial services community to facilitate business processes across multiple asset classes, across the entire trading and business cycle, around the world.”

Andy Nicholson, president, global banking & financial markets, BT said: “One community. One connection. One focus. This was the BT Radianz tag line for a long time, and the message today remains the same. The infrastructure continues to be designed, enhanced, and operated for the financial services sector by people who understand the requirements of our customers, which include amongst others NASDAQ OMX, DTCC, LCH.Clearnet, Fidessa, and Chi-X.

“Our fully-resilient services enable financial institutions to optimise their performance as well as reduce costs and overheads associated with equipment, facilities and power. Being able to celebrate the longevity and success of the BT Radianz community is testament to its evolution and necessity within the financial world. And there are a lot of exciting developments coming down the pipe and so we look forward to another decade of growing with our customers.”

BT continues to innovate, enhance and invest in its financial services portfolio. BT Radianz is just one part of a specialist suite of products dedicated to the financial services sector to address their communications-related requirements. From wholesale through to corporate and retail banking, financial markets and payments sectors, BT helps increase operational efficiency, agility and customer service. It enables the largest, secure networked financial community in the world to carry out its business reliably and fast, using integrated voice, data and video to communicate within and between thousands of institutions and providers around the world.

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