Bridging classical and agile Project Management methods with unified solutions

Among our participants, various industries and profiles were gathered around the same interest for the topic. Exchanges and sharing ideas were the keys to the success of this event.

June 28, 2018

Last week Threon Luxembourg in partnership with Microsoft organized an event around the topic of how Microsoft could support agile project and portfolio management practices.

Indeed, more and more organizations today deal with a simultaneous delivery of both agile and classical projects in their portfolios. Some teams are using waterfall methods and Microsoft Project to manage their projects, whereas other have moved into using agile methods and team-focused tools. This often leads to problems in terms of collaboration, communication and coordination between teams.

During our event, participants learned how a unified PPM model can maximize the advantages of both waterfall and agile methods.

Through a series of live demonstrations and case studies, participants also discovered the wide range of tools that Microsoft proposes (either stand-alone or seamlessly integrated), adapted to the different types of methods and the maturity of organizations.

We would like to thank all the participants for their time on that day. We treasure their helpful insights and contributions, and we hope they left the event with useful and profitable ideas.

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