Avaloq to Extend its Partner Program

Avaloq extends its partner program by introducing the category “specialised […]

January 28, 2010

Avaloq extends its partner program by introducing the category “specialised services partner” to meet a need expressed by the Avaloq Community. The new partner category facilitates the overview of the existing special know-how in the Avaloq environment and offers small specialised IT companies the opportunity to join the Avaloq partner program.

The extension of the partner program was launched on 1 January 2010. Soranus AG, Paranor AG and Banking Concepts AG have been involved in the program from the beginning. The three companies have contributed their valuable knowledge to Avaloq projects for many years and are valued as experienced experts by Avaloq as well as by its customers.

Soranus AG focuses on the front/CRM and trading business streams, therefore covering the entire transactionoriented and static business of a bank. They offer support in the area of banking and met hodology. The second new partner is called Paranor AG. The company’s core competence is the development of complex applications and tools for retail banking and payment transactions in Switzerland and internationally. The combination of Paranor’s product know-how and its extensive experience in applications designed to support the highest transaction performance benefits retail banking projects in particular. Last but not least, Banking Concepts AG is also part of the category “specialised services partner”. The company based in Basel has supported Avaloq in implementing customer interests in Switzerland and abroad. In addition, it focuses on the internationalisation of software solutions, in particular in the area of requirement and project management.

“The extended partner program helps pave our way for future challenges, especially for our internationalisation strategy. In addition, it offers our customers a more transparent access to extensively proven know-how”, explained Andres Fischer, Head Implementation Partner Management at Avaloq. The expansion of partner categories contributes to the growth of the Avaloq Community. This network of excellence brings together Avaloq, its customers and its partners in a “hub”, in which first-rate partners in the fields of implementation, software, services and technology can develop and drive forward innovative and efficient

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