Adepa, a Luxembourg Asset Manager, selects StatPro in SaaS

Adepa Asset Management in Luxembourg has signed with StatPro Group, […]

May 19, 2010

Adepa Asset Management in Luxembourg has signed with StatPro Group, a provider of portfolio analysis and asset evaluation services for the global asset management industry, a contract for components of Seven, StatPro’s new SaaS system aimed at performance and risk specialists in large asset managers.

Adepa is the leading Spanish provider in Luxembourg of asset management, fund administration and corporate services for investment funds addressed to institutional clients, professional investors and high net worth individuals around the world. StatPro provides Adepa with portfolio compliance, risk and data management services, within a hosted environment. StatPro Seven combines zero IT footprint with full data management and automatic upgrades.

“This agreement is our first deal for StatPro Seven in Luxembourg and we are really excited about that,” said Justin Wheatley, StatPro Group’s CEO. “In a tough regulatory climate such as this, it is crucial for asset management companies to choose a scalable and reliable solution to help support growth in their business. A hosted solution such as StatPro Seven means that implementation is fast and cheap, and maintenance for the client is minimal.”

Carlos Alberto Morales
, Managing Director at Adepa Asset Management and Alex Bardaji, Head of Risk & Compliance at Adepa Asset Management:

“StatPro was able to offer an impressive and cost-effective outsourced response to our problem, enabling us to concentrate on what we do best – managing portfolios and controlling risks. We are now benefiting from StatPro’s compliance, risk and data management components, which among other things will help us to meet the requirements of Ucits IV.”

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