ABN Amro extends its confidence regarding to IBM to help to transformation of the bank

In a move that will further simplify and streamline its […]

October 11, 2010

In a move that will further simplify and streamline its technology platform, ABN AMRO today signed a contract to extend its services agreement with IBM.

Under the new agreement, IBM will build and provide a new computing environment while integrating the existing infrastructure of ABN AMRO and the former Fortis Bank. Both banks legally merged on July 1, 2010.
The new environment will be less complex, more streamlined and flexible as services are delivered via pre-defined building blocks. To enable ABN AMRO to become even more client-centric, IBM will implement a standardized end-user computing platform to support the bank’s new way of working. Standardizing the platform will enable the bank to communicate faster internally and with clients.

“We have decided to extend our relationship with IBM because it has proven to be a trustworthy partner in the areas of people and technology. IBM will help us reach our goal of creating an integrated bank and will provide us with the tools and technology we need to prepare for the future of the banking industry,” said FransWoelders, Chief Information Officer, ABN AMRO.

“Using our knowledge and experience in developing solutions for banking clients worldwide, IBM will build an environment for ABN AMRO in which employees and customers can easily collaborate and access the bank’s services, creating a more flexible and cost efficient model for ABN AMRO’s worldwide operations,” said Harry van Dorenmalen, Country General Manager IBM Netherlands.

The contract was signed on October 8, 2010.

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