2024 PwC Cybersecurity and Privacy Day – Podcast series: DISS-CO

PwC Luxembourg is back with a new episode of the PwC Cybersecurity and Privacy Day podcast series on the five finalists of this year’s pitching contest.

May 21, 2024

DISS-CO logo Company name: DISS-CO

Headquarters: Germany



Solution description:

Some modules are finalized and used by paying clients, some are in beta and testing mode, one is in development

Value proposition: 

Efficiently save time and resources by leveraging our advanced AI technology, and simultaneously bolster your security with the robust advantages of Blockchain. Harness the power of AI for streamlined processes.

Solution categories:

  • Incident Detection & Response
  • Third Party Management
  • Regulatory / compliance
  • Artificial Intelligence for Privacy
  • Privacy

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