2024 PwC Cybersecurity and Privacy Day – Podcast series: Data & More

PwC Luxembourg is back with a new episode of the PwC Cybersecurity and Privacy Day podcast series on the five finalists of this year’s pitching contest.

May 14, 2024

Data & More logo Company name: Data & More

Headquarters: Denmark



Solution description:

To summarize, our company has created an unrivaled solution for detecting various types of privacy data across numerous unstructured data sources, such as Email, FileShares, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more, whether on-premise or cloud-based. The second phase involves a sophisticated policy engine that facilitates the efficient removal of privacy data from all these sources. This engine allows for the distribution of reports to individual users, detailing the privacy data set to be cleared. Users can review their data and indicate if any should be retained. In addition to inboxes etc. we have also build an advanced data custodian solution, to make it easy for organisations to assign and manage data custodians for data that has no natural owner. e.g. data in old fileshares, SharePoint etc. Moreover, we’ve implemented an automated system for cleaning up privacy data, along with a data subject analysis tool specifically designed for handling data leaks or breaches. In the event of a data breach, our system can rapidly identify the affected individuals and the specific types of data compromised. This capability enables organizations to promptly inform all affected parties. Our solution is versatile, supporting all major European languages, enhancing its applicability across diverse geographical regions.

Value proposition: 

Reduce the cost and liability of not being compliant with privacy data

Solution categories:

  • Incident Detection & Response
  • Regulatory / compliance
  • Artificial Intelligence for Privacy
  • Privacy

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