Trend Micro achieves “Recommended” Status from NSS Labs

Trend Micro Deep Discovery™ Inspector has been recognized for the third consecutive year as a recommended breach detection system by NSS Labs.

August 11, 2016

steven-heydeTrend Micro, global leader in security software announced Trend Micro Deep Discovery™ Inspector has been recognized for the third consecutive year as a recommended breach detection system by NSS Labs. Deep Discovery achieved a 99.8 percent detection rate in the latest Breach Detection System test. Yet again Trend Micro has demonstrated a consistent ability to detect network and endpoint-based targeted attacks, advanced threats and ransomware.
“The Breach Detection System test by NSS Labs continuously helps define the enterprise security space, recognizing those that raise the bar for the industry,” said Steven Heyde, Regional Director Trend Micro Benelux. “As advanced threats continue to increase in sophistication, effective breach detection is an essential part of a Connected Threat Defense for enterprises. Our customers need an effective breach detection solution as part of a layered approach to security to not only detect but also respond to and protect against new threats.”

Deep Discovery, which is also sold as Trend Micro TippingPoint Advanced Threat Protection, uses extensive detection techniques to identify advanced threats, and ransomware. Deep Discovery monitors all network traffic traversing physical and virtual segments, on over 100 protocols and applications across all network ports. Further, given the resulting visibility into the network, Deep Discovery detects and correlates all stages of the attack life cycle inclusive of command and control, asset identification and lateral movement.

Deep Discovery can also enhance existing security investments by sharing threat insight with both Trend Micro and third party products. This allows enterprises to not only identify potential threats but also to quickly respond to existing attacks.

“Given the barrage of threats attempting to penetrate organizations today, it is safe to assume that, at any given point, an attack has been successful in breaching an enterprise network,” said Vikram Phatak, chief executive officer of NSS Labs. “Knowing this reality, organizations must embrace a breach detection solution to assess and respond quickly and appropriately to a network’s needs. Our impartial tests have demonstrated for the third year that Trend Micro Deep Discovery is a highly effective breach detection system, making it an obvious choice for enterprises in need of protection.”

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