Third Annual Actuate Open Source Software Survey Underway and Already Surpassing Last Year’s Response Rate

Actuate Corporation announced that its 2008 Open Source Software Survey […]

August 13, 2008

Actuate Corporation announced that its 2008 Open Source Software Survey is underway and has exceeded response rates from previous years, just days after its initiation. Business and IT professionals from the UK, USA, France and Germany have been invited to participate and provide insights and perspectives into how open source software is perceived, its benefits and inhibitors and how organizations plan to harness the technology in the future. This year’s survey has been extended in scope to include France, making it one of the broadest surveys of its kind into Open Source Software; and therefore an invaluable insight into global Open Source trends.

The survey is now in its third year and is gathering a significant response rate from the financial services market, a key focus for all four of the participating regions; public sector which is a focus for the US and UK; and the manufacturing sector which is being targeted in France and Germany. Once again, this global survey concentrates on three key areas within open source software; awareness and adoption levels, benefits and barriers to adoption; and the evolution of open source Business Intelligence. This unique snapshot will offer valuable and timely insight into the similarities and differences in open source software adoption between the vertical industries and their regions.

This Actuate Open Source Survey is highly regarded amongst industry analysts and global publishers as a solid benchmark of global open source trends. Findings from the research have consistently achieved widespread coverage from many influential IT and business publications worldwide that are increasingly focused on the considerable growth in open source software awareness and adoption.

The 2008 Actuate Open Source Survey promises to provide fresh, timely insights into how financial services, public sector and manufacturing organizations in the UK, USA, France and Germany use and plan to use open source technology and will be made available to journalists and editors through registration with Actuate’s PR contact, listed with this release.

Nobby Akiha is Actuate’s SVP of Marketing and is driving this worldwide research initiative. “It is testament to the reputation and influence that the survey has garnered, coupled with its unique insights, that we have surpassed last years total response rate in just the first week of issuing the survey.” Nobby continues, “not only does this valuable research help our customers and Eclipse BIRT developers to understand the broader trends within their market, it helps Actuate to further refine and build upon its hybrid business model of combining the best of open source technology with the highest quality value-added commercial offerings.”

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