Telindus implements an optical Gigabit Ethernet network in Luxembourg

Telindus Luxembourg realized the implementation of a fiber optical network […]

October 4, 2010

Telindus Luxembourg realized the implementation of a fiber optical network to improve data communications between datacenters and customer sites across the country. This brand new network aims to strengthen the position of Telindus as a key player for providing cloud services to customers in Luxembourg.

In order to satisfy its business customers looking for a single point of contact for all of their ICT needs, Telindus Luxembourg has introduced, as a support for its cloud services, a state-of-the-art fiber optical network. This new offering aims to provide high-performance end-to-end ICT solutions, managed and operated by one unique supplier guaranteeing complete end-to-end service delivery and quality, all governed by a strong SLA. Based on a dark fiber ring rented from LuxConnect, Telindus has built a new backbone infrastructure, which facilitates interconnecting Luxembourg datacenters and international operators’ exchange platforms with customer sites. Telindus customers have, as of now, a direct access to an even wider range of ICT services, integrating aspects such as 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, guaranteed high availability, integrated security, Quality of Service, etc…

With this investment, Telindus Luxembourg moves one step further towards simplifying the ICT infrastructure of its customers with high-quality, end-to-end managed solutions. Gérard Hoffmann (photo), Chairman and Managing Director of Telindus Luxembourg comments: “This implementation completes a new strategic turn for Telindus. Since 2009 we have been continuously investing in our new datacenter services platform. This strategy is paying off, because we are able to deliver to our customers now a much higher added value than a normal systems integrator. This innovative vision will enable us to fulfill our long-term strategy to industrialize our services offer by focusing on the value delivered to our customers.”
The combination of our ICT services with our new, state-of-the-art optical network, offers customers real benefits in terms of business performance, simplification and cost control. Hence, thanks to our new connectivity services, customers can now benefit from faster, cheaper but also safer connectivity. “Telindus brings a real added value to the market. Our strong differentiator is to offer genuine, professional integrated end-to-end solutions with a guaranteed, high level of availability” said Jacques Ruckert, Director for Telindus Products & Solutions, adding: “Unlike most competitors who rely entirely on third-parties operators to deliver datacenter services to its customers, Telindus is now in control of its network infrastructure and guarantees full cost and operations transparency to its customers.”
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