Tango improves customer insight and management reporting with SAS

Tango Luxembourg, the mobile operator, chooses SAS to improve customer insight, […]

March 7, 2012

Tango Luxembourg, the mobile operator, chooses SAS to improve customer insight, increase retention rate and make fact based decisions better and faster.

Tango is the first alternative Luxembourg operator offering fixed and mobile telephony services as well as Internet. Tango proposes a large range of products corresponding to the needs of its general and professional clients. That is why up to 260,000 clients put their trust into them.

Tango decided to work with SAS, leader in business analytics software and services to help it to better respond to its customers’ expectations and grow its mobile, fixed and Internet networks. Tango provides a mobile telephony solution to more than 260,000 customers in the Grand-Duchy.

Tango will work with SAS Customer Analytics for Communications and SAS Communications Analytics Architecture as its unique analytics and reporting platform to help it improve retention rates and detect opportunities.

SAS Customer Analytics for Communications illuminates complex behavior patterns that are hidden in large volumes of data spread across multiple systems. It alerts you to customers who are likely to be interested by a new product or service upgrade, customers who are likely to leave and customers who should be targeted in a campaign.

SAS Communications Analytics Architecture provides a robust business analytics framework tailored to the unique business intelligence and analytical needs of communications service providers (CSPs). The solution takes data from multiple, disparate operational systems and formats, cleanses, transforms and stores it in a foundation datamart.

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