Swissrisk Financial Systems has launched two new products to cover the market needs in the payment area

Swissrisk Financial Systems has developed the “SEPA Gateway”, a solution […]

August 13, 2008

Swissrisk Financial Systems has developed the “SEPA Gateway”, a solution which follows the SEPA roadmap and provides clients with the highest levels of STP. SEPA Gateway links your cash management application(s) with automated clearing houses (ACHs) – on a business and technical level. Message validation and conversion as well as ACH specific workflow support are essential. SEPA Gateway flexibility integrates into process and IT environments and makes Financial Institutions fully SEPA compliant.

One of the most costly and less automated processes in the banking industry is the handling of exceptions and investigations. Today it is a work and time consuming process full of operational risk and lack of customer satisfaction.
Swissrisk Financial Systems has the people and the product to offer you as a client the newest technology in the market for financial investigation system including the processing of SWIFTNet Exceptions and Investigations XML messages.

Swissrisk Financial Systems has built FinTRACE. An application that allows financial institutions to reduce cost by standardizing the process, increasing the STP rate and having a better control of resources, improve the customer

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