Société Générale Bank & Trust Luxembourg to use Swissrisk FIX engine

Société Générale Bank & Trust Luxembourg has decided to use […]

April 6, 2012

Société Générale Bank & Trust Luxembourg has decided to use the FIX Engine from Swissrisk Financial Systems, to manage order messaging.

The FIX Engine is a module provided in Swissrisk’s X-Gen suite used by over 50 financial institutions worldwide for various business needs ranging from application integration, SWIFT and FIX processing or for development of complete customized STP applications. The X-Gen FIX Engine provides users with the functionality to connect counterparties using the FIXprotocol combined with SWIFT connectivity all in a one single system, facilitating highly automated end-to-end processing of securities transactions from the front office to the back-office eliminating STP-breaks.

“Our existing installation of the X-Gen product suite, coupled with the experience gained during the SWIFT Funds MX messaging project, put us in a position to quickly enable our applications for FIX messaging with a standard implementation of Swissrisk’s FIX Engine”, says Mr. Jean-Luc Klopp, Head of Dealing Room IT.

“We are extremely delighted that with this project we have, once again, been able to prove our strong delivery capabilities and assist our customer to improve its business success in an ever demanding environment.”
Norbert Steinbach, Country Manager at Swissrisk Financial Systems Luxembourg

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