Skandia chooses Logica as outsourcing partner for private cloud based Infrastructure Management

Cloud and green IT based solution to help IT systems […]

June 15, 2010

Cloud and green IT based solution to help IT systems adapt to changes in business demand.

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, the business and technology service company has been chosen by Skandia, one of the world’s leading providers of quality long-term savings solutions to provide a private cloud based Infrastructure Management (IM) solution for Skandia’s business critical financial systems and applications. The flexibility built into the solution will help Skandia adapt and scale their IT systems to changes in business demand, thereby enabling them to deliver a better service to their customers. The contract is worth 15 M€ and runs over 3 years, with the option of a two-year extension.

Skandia Informationsteknologi is a company within the Skandia group that provides Infrastructure Management (IM) related services and application management for the entire group. With the Logica solution, Skandia Informationsteknologi will better its service with an improvement in overall efficiency and effectiveness. The solution that provides capacity on demand* will also enhance Skandia’s position as an environmentally aware company by delivering a significant green IT result.

Speaking about the project with Logica, Pierre Strandelin, CEO, Skandia Informations-teknologi said, “A large part of the delivery related to this contract consists of business critical functionality. Therefore, a key criteria in choosing an outsourcing partner was their ability to provide a reliable service with a high level of security. Logica clearly demonstrated an understanding of our requirements and the need to have a cost efficient, flexible and secure service.”

The Infrastructure management (IM) outsourcing solution consists of services that include clustered data-centers and maintenance of 950 servers including a 24/7 Remote Infrastructure Management service.

“This step towards buying capacity on demand means improved cost efficiency for Skandia, and we are of course very proud to be able to help them with this transition” says Johan Ripe, CEO for Logica Outsourcing Services in Sweden. “By providing a private cloud based, flexible, reliable and green solution we will, together with Skandia, take a sustainable approach to managing IT systems.”

* Capacity on demand (COD) is a purchasing option that allows companies to receive equipment with more computer processing, storage, or other capacity than the company needs at the time of purchase, and have that extra capacity remain unused and unpaid for until the company actually requires it.

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