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Quality assurance made easy with the 1st doc management service […]

August 22, 2011

Quality assurance made easy with the 1st doc management service reflecting teamwork processes, designed to manage documents, share files, synchronize tasks and much more. “We are integrating companies from various sectors into the launch phase to help us building their ideal document management workspace”, says François Vaille, CEO and founder of EZC Group S.A.

François Vaille
François Vaille, CEO and founder of EZC Group S.A.

EZC Group S.A., from Foetz, announces the official launch phase of Team Documents Online (, the first file sharing and doc management service designed to nurture a quality mindset: “Share files while strengthening quality assurance”.
During this period, EZC Group S.A. proposes to selected companies to freely join an exciting project: building their “ideal” online smart document management workspace, injecting their needs into the final specifications of the service (application link here : ).
A quality assurance tool
Team Documents Online fosters a quality mindset in day to day processes. Online workspaces are accountable for all time-consuming tasks required by a professional and structured communication meeting modern quality assurance standards. Everything is tracked and recorded, and progress indicators are automatically generated so that managers and stakeholders know where they come from and where they are heading towards.
Manage docs, share files and synchronize tasks across teams and partners
By implementing templates that modelize real activities, eliminates the hassle of synchronizing team members. Drafts, validated documents, assigned tasks, progress or action requests are automatically pushed in due time to whom requires them: team members, customers, suppliers, partners… Data privacy is ensured by a context-based access control system reflecting real life’s confidentiality concerns, making Team Documents Online workspaces suitable for controlled cross-company communications.
A feature-rich, smart document management environment
Subscribers activate as many features as they want from Document Sharing, Document Publishing with release management, Action Plans (basic or PDCA), Problem Solving, Deliverable Management, and more. The list is updated on a regular basis from the subscribers’ compiled needs. Management reports and visual indicators are part of the standard package: Team Documents Online enables not only to share files, tasks and data, but also to share vision, goals and results within a team.
Secured access, anytime and anywhere
No servers to operate, no software to buy, no backups to manage: users can connect from office, home or from a customer location with state of the art encryption. Private, company dedicated workspaces are created almost instantly thanks to a fully automated process. Once a workspace is activated, subscribers can choose to invite customers and partners with limited access rights, keeping their critical data confidential. As stated on EZC’s web site, “Building a global team has never been so easy”.
Last but not least, the launch phase is free, and although not bound, early subscribers will benefit from permanent preferential tariff conditions.
EZC Group S.A. ( Easy Concerns Group ) is born from the will to offer a pragmatic and really efficient collaborative software tool. Based in Luxembourg, EZC Group S.A. quickly seduced international and prestigious companies working in highly regulated environments. Those companies from sectors like Aerospace, Energy or Finance make various usages of Easy Concerns: quality management, engineering projects, audits, deployment projects, service desk, …
Powered by Easy Concerns, offers secured and structured online documentation workspaces.


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