Sal. Oppenheim uses IRIS to scan, archive and process 30.000 invoices per year

Sal. Oppenheim, the Private banking group, scans, archives and process […]

June 30, 2009

Sal. Oppenheim, the Private banking group, scans, archives and process 30.000 invoices per year with a solution developed by I.R.I.S. Group, the Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), in electronic Document, Content and Process Management (DCPM) and in optimized IT infrastructure (ICT) provider.

Sal. Oppenheim is a leading, independent private bank with headquarters in Luxembourg and branches in Germany, Austria, Hungary, the United States, the Czech Republic, Hong-Kong, France and Switzerland. The bank decided to scan incoming invoices locally and centralize the archive and approval process in Luxembourg, in order to handle this process in a much faster, more efficient and
cost effective way.

I.R.I.S. will implement a system that brings following benefits :
– decentralized scanning of the incoming invoices
– a centralized and secured electronic archive, easily searchable through index
– an invoice approval workflow fully integrated in SAP.

The solution’s architecture was designed by I.R.I.S., based on I.R.I.S. products and taking into account the view on creating a corporate ECM backbone and the necessary integration with the customer’s ERP system.

The scanning platform IRIS Powerscan generates the digital images of the invoices. These areprocessed into Docutec’s X4D accounts payable solution package that provides the automatic invoice recognition, index generation and extraction of data for approval by management. The images are stored in a central repository from EMC Documentum, and the data are automatically exported to WMD’s order-to-pay workflow, which is fully integrated with, and accessible through, SAP.

Sal. Oppenheim is now able to archive electronically, to automatically classify and recognize, andprocess digitally about 30.000 invoices per year. This solution is part of Sal. Oppenheim’s plan to continuously improve the quality of the services provided to customers and business partners.

“With the new I.R.I.S. solution, all incoming invoices can be centralized and converted into one singleplace in Luxembourg. For the banking house this means a strong optimization and simplification of working processes by capturing and handling the incoming documents with a single solution“, notes George Wantz, Head of IT with Sal. Oppenheim.

“Customers like Sal. Oppenheim expect complete solutions for the digital mailroom which are flexible as well as accurate. The answer is a customized solution package, based on the document classification technologies and the scanning solutions provided by I.R.I.S.“, explains Docutec executive Leo

Etienne Van de Kerckhove, CEO of I.R.I.S. Group : “The Sal. Oppenheim project shows how I.R.I.S. teams can bring value to their customers, by combining our state-of-the-art technologies and our unique skills in the document recognition and content management world. The customer gets a better control on the order-to-pay process and can easily calculate his return on investment. As I.R.I.S. acquired Docutec in November 2007, it is also a symbol of the integration of Docutec’s document classification technologies into I.R.I.S.’s global IP portfolio.”

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