q-leap’s test automation team grow with Andrei Domuta

The test automation team of q-leap continues to evolve and grow. Today we are very pleased to announce that Andrei-Mihai Domuta has joined us as Test Automation Engineer.

September 8, 2015

The test automation team of q-leap continues to evolve and grow. Today we are very pleased to announce that Andrei-Mihai Domuta has joined us as Test Automation Engineer.

Andrei graduated with a Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania.
He worked in the software testing domain on projects ranging from desktop applications to web platforms, in both in-house and outsourcing environments.

First working for Mozilla Group Romania, Andrei D. held the position of Test Engineer and was the lead person responsible for testing some of the latest features of the Firefox browser. Having bug-free features released for millions of users was his first great success.

Andrei then moved on to the industrial domain by signing up at Siemens. In this company he tested critical software like the one used by NASA/JPL to build and design the Mars rover “Curiosity”.

Contributing in a lot of Siemens projects enabled him to gain great experiences in test automation engineering.

Now with more than six years experience in software testing and especially in test automation, Andrei Domuta has decided to join our growing and dynamic company in Luxembourg. He intends to keep contributing to the delivery of high quality software.

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