PwC Luxembourg Admits 14 New Partners and 3 new Managing Directors

PwC Luxembourg is proud to announce the admission of fourteen new partners to the firm, along with three new managing directors.

July 7, 2022

These hard-working professionals personify *The New Equation, our Firm’s revolutionary approach to how we see new opportunities to serve clients. They are a community of solvers who come together in unexpected ways.

These fourteen partners and three managing directors are experts in their fields, and lead teams that demonstrate PwC’s vision for our global network, fuelled by our Purpose—to be the most trusted and relevant professional services business in the world— one that attracts the best talent and combines the most innovative technologies, to help organisations build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

John Parkhouse, CEO, PwC Luxembourg, says, “We are delighted about the admission of our fourteen new partners and three managing directors. We always say our People are our best asset and we mean it. This represents how our Firm values our talent and creates opportunities for their growth and their success and we extend a huge congratulations to them all. We are convinced that in today’s world, marked by multiple fractures, professional service firms that bring trust and credibility as well as help to solve clients’ problems are more important than ever. PwC intends to provide a distinctive client experience through a combination of technical expertise, smart technology, relentless collaboration with our clients across the firm, deep local roots in Luxembourgas well as an uncompromising focus on our values to help solve our clients needs and provide sustained outcomes.”

Congratulations to:

Class of 2022 Partner admissions

Thomas Bayer (Assurance)

Angelo Beaufay (Assurance)

Laurent Buttice (Assurance)

Daniela Cedola (Advisory)

Beril Akcicek (Advisory)

Pierre-Yves Gillet (Tax)

Tiphaine Gruny (Assurance)

Piotr Kozikowski (Tax)

Guillaume Kuhn (Assurance)

Marc Meurant (Tax)

Jonathan Picard (Tax)

Stefan Schindler (Assurance)

David Schmidt (Assurance)

Martin Wais (Assurance)



New Managing Directors 2022

Yapo Bessekon (Advisory)

Fabienne Chantelot (Tax )

Stéphanie Jean (Advisory )


Check out our New Partners campaign: “Four quick questions from our People

As always, we like to introduce our new partners in a different way every year — that’s the goal we set ourselves a few years back. This year we maintained the challenge. Under the banner “Four quick questions from our People,” we asked our People to quiz the new partners on a broad range of areas such as Luxembourg, well-being, sustainability, business, our Firm or even more personal questions.

The questions were delivered via electronic devices and we will run the campaign over a series of  weeks. In front of the camera, the objective was for the new partners to answer sincerely and be themselves. The result is surprising and inspiring. What you see is that this fresh generation of partners have common challenges: a new remote working environment, a sustainability-led agenda, and the quest for meaningful and purposeful work for younger people who will start their careers with a different mindset.

We hope you enjoy the videos and share with us a big congratulations to all of them!

We also hope you enjoy discovering a bit more about our new partners both professionally and personally on PwC Luxembourg’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter). Naturally, we will also release information about each new partner, including their official bio and contact information on the website on a regular basis over the next few weeks.

Enjoy our campaign as you get to know our new partners.

*The New Equation. What’s it all about?

On 15 June 2022, PwC Global and member firms within the PwC International Network unveiled The New Equation, a revolutionary approach in how we see new opportunities to serve clients as they work to build trust and deliver sustained business outcomes.

What’s The New Equation?

A community of solvers coming together in unexpected ways.

Our vision for the PwC Network, fuelled by our Purpose, is to be the most trusted and relevant professional services business in the world – one that attracts the best talent and combines the most innovative technologies, to help organisations build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

We’re calling our refreshed global strategy The New Equation, and it speaks to the two most fundamental needs clients and organisations are grappling with today.

First is the urgency to successfully respond to, and change, in the face of the major shifts shaping the world: technological disruption, climate change, fractured geopolitics, social tension, and the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Second is the need to build trust at a time when it is both more fragile and more complicated to earn.

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