P&T Luxembourg selects Finepoint via Ciminko at Broadband World Forum 2011

At the Broadband World Forum 2011, P&T Luxembourg, the telecommunications services […]

September 29, 2011

At the Broadband World Forum 2011, P&T Luxembourg, the telecommunications services operator in Luxembourg, announced that they abandoned their Consona ACS and replaced it with the Finepoint Remote Device Administrator ACS and the Digital Life Portal Helpdesk application choosing Ciminko, EMEA partner for Fine Point Technologies, and specialist in device management for broadband network.

The Remote Device Administrator solution offers a unified customer care environment providing end-to-end visibility and control of broadband services . P&T Luxembourg has chosen for a geo-redundant configuration. Specifically, the Fine Point ACS provides P&T Luxembourg with an industry-leading ACS and helpdesk application for 120 000 multi-play customers. 

“Considering the high costs for a truck roll the business case for introducing the Finepoint ACS with integrated Helpdesk was quickly made. It pays for itself in just months.” said Serge Eiffes, Head of Access Networks, P&T Luxembourg (left). “The ACS is today a must for an operator for giving good support to the customers at their first call, as a good user experience is key in the broadband services domain. We believe that the Finepoint  ACS  platform and Ciminkos experience  will provide us with the power, flexibility, reliability and scale to bring new services to our customers today while also providing a solid base for future service automation.”

“The Finepoint ACS provided out of the box results for P&T Luxembourg even before the integration with the provisioning systems has started. We are pleased to be part of this success” says Koen Peeters, Ciminko Managing Director (right).

P&T Luxembourg is an ambitious and dynamic network operator based in the heart of Europe that is building a next-generation fixed line access network, leveraging VDSL,  GPON and P2P FTTH technologies to deliver data, voice (VoIP) and TV services to residential and enterprise customers. It is one of the largest next generation FTTX networks in Europe, offering customers  broadband speeds of 100 Mbps Downstream and 50 Mbps Upstream. P&T Luxembourg is one of the first European operators to offer IPv6 to the general public today.

Fine Point Technologies is a leading innovator in customer experience management software solutions for global broadband, mobile, and wireless communications providers. Since 1997 Fine Point has succeeded in developing software solutions to automate and streamline service provisioning and customer support for emerging and large communication service providers. Today Fine Point solutions serve the world’s largest broadband providers in the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Fine Point’s device management software tools have helped more than 15 million customers easily connect —and stay connected— to their communication providers’ networks. This translates into satisfied customers, and helps communication service providers to manage rising customer care costs associated with the increasing number and complexity of broadband and mobile devices.  Ciminko is a European network systems integrator representing Fine Point in EMEA markets. Since  1994 Ciminko has been helping service providers all over Europe in supporting their fixe line access networks and CPEs.

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