Oracle Financial Services Software Announces New Release of Oracle Mantas

As part of its ongoing commitment to provide the financial […]

March 23, 2009

As part of its ongoing commitment to provide the financial services sector with a comprehensive solution for mitigating risk, meeting regulatory compliance and enhancing customer relationships, Oracle Financial Services Software announced at the 14th annual international anti-money laundering conference, in Florida, the availability of the latest release of the Oracle Mantas Behavior Detection Platform.

The new release of Oracle Mantas provides sophisticated detection and prevention functions, enhanced investigations through enterprise-level case management as well as alert and event correlation for a single financial crime and compliance management reporting platform.

Oracle Mantas delivers interactive dashboards as well as drill down and ad hoc query capabilities provided by the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus. Working with Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, Oracle Mantas enables financial institutions to correlate events and identify patterns through real time cross-channel fraud and suspicious activity monitoring along with industry-proven, fraud prevention and interdiction capabilities. Oracle Mantas, deployed today in 67 countries, also helps customers reduce false positives, achieve quicker time-to-compliance and improve their audit cycles.

Oracle Mantas’ Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud, Know Your Customer, Broker Compliance and Trading Compliance are a comprehensive, proven suite of applications designed to deliver value to financial institutions at a low total cost of ownership. Enhancements Improve Business Processes and Help Reduce Expenses
New alert correlation capabilities in Oracle Mantas enable financial institutions to more easily integrate information from multiple sources to identify anomalies in behavior across channels and lines of business.

Enterprise-level case management functionality provides institutions with a complete, holistic and contextual investigation platform that is standards-based and seamlessly integrated with downstream workflows to simplify the process of generating and filing regulatory reports. Powerful link analysis and network visualization capabilities assist in identifying complex fraud and money laundering patterns and relationships between seemingly unrelated customers, entities and accounts. An integrated presentation layer enables contextual investigative and analytical capabilities. Flexible and extensible peer profiling and peer group definition functions enables financial crime and compliance business units to monitor, detect and report against business specific peer groups thus achieving effective monitoring and management of false positives.

“Financial crime and compliance management has become a leading focus of regulators and financial institutions across the globe,” said S. Ramakrishnan, CEO of Reveleus and Mantas products, Oracle Financial Services Software. “With the new release of Oracle Mantas, we are uniquely positioned to provide institutions with a holistic approach to financial crime management by offering a comprehensive solution that is integrated across key dimensions including detection, prevention, investigation and resolution as well as across multiple channels and lines of business.”

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