Oracle Database Appliance X7: Double Recognition for eProseed

On the occasion of the launch in Luxembourg of the new Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X7, on October 27, eProseed was presented by Oracle to the attending customers as their Preferred Partner for the distribution of the new family of Engineered Systems.

November 16, 2017

Henri Agbodjan, Business Development Manager -eProseed

A few days earlier at the Oracle Database Appliance Western Europe Summit held in Malaga, Spain, eProseed had already been nominated for the forthcoming ODA Regional Partner Award Benelux, in the presence of Angelo Pruscino, Senior VP Product Development at Oracle.

It is not really surprising that eProseed is recognized in this way by Oracle since the company is an Oracle Platinum Partner with in-depth expertise in Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and, of course, Oracle Engineered Systems. eProseed currently boasts 8 Oracle ACE Directors and was honored with 14 Oracle Excellence Awards since its inception 7 years ago.

Purpose-built for Oracle Database

“The Oracle Database Appliance X7 is the ultimate evolution of a completely integrated solution that has been optimized and engineered to offer performance and scale for Oracle Databases and applications”, says Henri Agbodjan (picture), Business Development Manager at eProseed. “It saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database solutions for organizations of every size. Optimized for the world’s most popular database – Oracle Database – the ODA X7 integrates software, compute, storage and network resources to deliver database services for a wide range of custom and packaged OLTP, in-memory database, and data warehousing applications”.

“Oracle Database Appliance X7 can save organizations hundreds of hours in the first year alone so they can spend that time on projects that drive the business forward. And not only is it architected for the on-premises world, it’s also designed for the Cloud”, he adds.

Simple, optimized and affordable

The new Oracle Database Appliance X7 makes database management simple, optimized and affordable. It is simple: with everything pre-integrated in a single box – including software, server, storage and networking – it takes less than an hour to set up. It is optimized: all ODA X7 variants are flash-based and designed to run Oracle Database and database-centric applications with superior performance. On top of that, it is optimized for the Cloud, future-proofing the investment. And the ODA X7 is affordable, because it is a fraction of the cost of a “build-your-own” system and offers capacity-based pricing – so customers only pay for what they need when they need it.

eProseed: Oracle excellence, delivered

eProseed delivers Oracle-based solutions and services, enabling organizations to boost their business agility, enhance their business practices and increase their IT flexibility. eProseed’s value-added services consists of complementary management and technology practices consultancy to provide the right expert at the right level.

eProseed’s track record of success across Financial Services, Telecommunications and Public-Sector customers, has been made through multiple successful go-lives, which includes the 1st Oracle BPM Suite 11g customer in production in the world and the 1st Oracle SOA Suite 11g customer in production in Europe, the 1st Oracle SOA Suite 12c customer in production in the world, the 1st Oracle Engineered System in Luxembourg, one the largest SOA Suite/B2B implementation, etc.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, eProseed has offices in Beirut (LB), Brussels (BE), Dubai (AE), London (UK), New York (USA), Porto (PT), Riyadh (SAU), Sydney (AU), and Utrecht (NL).

eProseed is a member of the Dodecalab Group, a portfolio of leading technology advisory companies including eProseedRTC, iMendos, and Hillios.

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