NTT appoints Jean-Marie Thaeter as Microsoft Go-To-Market Lead, NTT Ltd. in Luxembourg

NTT and Microsoft formed a multi-year strategic alliance over a year ago, to deliver secure and reliable solutions that help enterprise accelerate their digital transformation.

April 15, 2021

Luxembourg – 15 April – NTT Ltd, a world-leading global technology services provider today announced the appointment of Jean-Marie Thaeter as Microsoft Go-To-Market, in Luxembourg. Jean-Marie has a long track record with Microsoft. Starting in the Benelux region as consultant for many years, he later came to Luxembourg as founding employee of Microsoft Luxembourg and assisted Thierry Fromes, former country manager, to build up the local business. He covered the technical lead before taking over the partner account management responsibilities as well. Before deciding to continue his professional adventure with NTT Ltd., Jean-Marie was developing IOT use cases and devices in collaboration with Azure IOT.

Jean-Marie sees his new challenge with a lot of excitement and sums the value for clients selecting NTT Luxembourg as a partner for Microsoft projects up with the following statement: “As global company, we support our clients in application integration and add business value to MSFT Teams deployment. Our key differentiator: innovation.  If our clients are excited to understand how to run Azure services in any Kubernetes environment, whether it’s on-premises, multi cloud, or even to deploy artificial intelligence on the edge; if they want to understand how they could leverage Microsoft Mesh, a new mixed reality platform, to allow geographically distributed teams to collaborate in shared mixed reality environments via HoloLens; or if they want to know how to securely rebuild a post pandemic employee experience, facilitating a hybrid way of working via Microsoft VIVA: this is where our clients find NTT Luxembourg as a unique partner.”

Senior Digital Transformation Director at NTT Ltd Luxembourg, Michael Mossal said: “Even if NTT has a long-term partnership with Microsoft – we are Microsoft Partner Advisory Council Member for over 15 Years -, that partnership was brought to an entirely different level a year ago when NTT and Microsoft decided to form a Multi-year Strategic Alliance Accelerate digital transformation. The most visible proof for our local customers is the investment in a dedicated Microsoft Go-to-Market lead for Luxembourg. I am more than happy to welcome Jean-Marie Thaeter to the family”.

CEO at Microsoft, Satya Nadella commented the strategic collaboration with NTT in the following way: “Our strategic alliance combines NTT’s global infrastructure and services expertise with the power of Azure. Together, we’ll build new solutions spanning AI, cybersecurity and hybrid cloud, as we work to help enterprise customers everywhere accelerate their digital transformation.”

Michael continued: “Today things go much further. We did team up in Co-innovation and research of next-generation technologies like Digital Twin Computing or Next Generation Networks with photonics and beyond. Within NTT we call that concept IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network).”

One of the key verticals for NTT Luxembourg is the healthcare sector and Jean-Marie is a key member of one of the most innovative projects in Luxembourg: NTT and Microsoft develop together with Hospital Robert Schumann, the future of remote care via the 5G Telco network – a project that leverages the new local partner status as Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Partner in Luxembourg.

Catherine Closset, Healthcare Lead of Microsoft comments the event of Jean-Marie joining NTT in the following way: “We are glad to hear that you have Jean-Marie onboard to support NTT in the alliance with Microsoft to further develop our joint business opportunities.”

Michael added: “We are very proud that we got selected together with a major hospital in Luxembourg to develop the future in healthcare based on a 5G project case. We selected Microsoft Azure as the platform of choice for that project and you will hear a lot about it very soon.”

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