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"Our vision as a team, as a company and finally as an actor of the digital culture, is to enable and support cultural change in the digital direction."

February 26, 2020

Why? The Continuous DevOps cursus is the cornerstone of our know-how as an innovation catalyst. Innovation being part of our DNA, our training approach follows the same treatment: we make sure that it’s perfectly aligned with our vision. Our vision as a team, as a company and finally as an actor of the digital culture, is to enable and support cultural change in the digital direction.

Most of the organizations hardly consider DevOps beyond the IT practices, or as a proper corporate culture even: it’s usually considered as an additional operational tool. Consequently, the absence of a transversal view leads to a silo mentality in IT Operations. Instead, these organizations should break down those silos by streamlining value delivery through Lean practices, such as the Value Stream Mapping and think ‘product & value’ over ‘project & resources’, taking them closer to finding the ‘why’ of their organization.

How? We, at Continuous, build a training program with you, in contrast to building it for you: your needs are put forward and stay at the centre of our priorities throughout the training. Indeed, the training program is tailor-made for your business and specific organizational context. 

Continuous is a proud DevOps Institute (DOI) partner: a global learning community for DevOps practices; the DOI is establishing the model in DevOps corporate training and certification.

Our DOI certified Continuous DevOps Cursus is used to define the stages of learning and evaluate the results:

  • DevOps Fundamentals
  • DevOps Delivery Architect
  • DevOps Leader
  • DevSecOps 

Each training can be complemented by coaching sessions to accelerate the implementation of best practices and tools, but also to insufflate the DevOps culture to streamline your product development. Our goal is for participants to acquire not only knowledge, but also relevant skills. 

One of our main interests is to be congruent with the DevOps culture and propose adaptable training, with a backbone and complementary modules depending on what your expectations and goals are.

Alain Valet, Training Manager at Continuous

Coaching and training are powerful vectors that help you optimize your processes and nudge the adoption of the DevOps culture.

What? Our complementary courses are given in the following areas:

    • DevOps Fundamentals 
    • DevOps Sensibilization
    • Innovate like Startups !
    • Blockchain – Fundamentals
    • Integration, Continuous Delivery & deployment
    • GIT
    • API Documentation Driven
    • Continuous Delivery Architect 
    • IT Automatization with Ansible
    • Automatization with Chef
    • Chef advanced
    • Agile Service Manager 
    • Agile Process Owner 
    • Certified DevOps Leader 
    • Docker Introduction
    • Docker Containers, concepts and principles
    • Cloud PaaS Implantation 
    • Kubernetes
    • Openstack
    • Openstack – Heat
    • AWS Foundation
    • AWS Cloud Services
    • Big Data – Architecture and infrastructure
    • Big Data – Application development and Data visualization
    • DevSecOps 

To whom? This training catalog is aimed at people and organizations who need to get a solid grasp of the culture, principles and practices of DevOps. The beneficiaries could be managers, employees, stakeholders, suppliers or consultants who are accompanying their clients into adopting a digital culture.

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