MoyaSoft, a new player in Luxembourg

MoyaSoft has finished the procedure of setting up a business […]

April 4, 2013

MoyaSoft has finished the procedure of setting up a business in Luxembourg in February and started its service in March. The Korean leading mobile game company was attracted by Europe4Startups to start and finally signed a contract with Telindus.

With the great success of ‘Godwarz’, Moyasoft started considering going abroad to penetrate the global market. The success of ‘Godwarz’ also allowed the company to attract a capital investment from Nexon (Korean number one online game company). Regardless the presence of Nexon in Luxembourg, Moyasoft was looking for a suitable place for its service in Europe.

During the study phase for the investment in Europe, Moyasoft participated in the ICT Spring fair in Luxembourg in June, 2012.
Since mobile game companies mainly provide the services at the App Store and Google playstore world wide, MoyaSoft doesn’t necessarily need a local publisher whom the company has to co-work with. It is easier for MoyaSoft to enter the European market on its own. The ICT Spring fair in Luxembourg helped the decision to be taken quite rapidly and enabled MoyaSoft to meet various people in the ICT sector in Luxembourg.

CEO Mr. LIM was attracted to the free service of Europe4Startups which provide datacenter and office space and facilities, cloud computing service, and even legal counsel. He also learned that there are other companies and organizations providing similar services for the foreign startups. For example, PWC Accelerator gives the opportunity for startups to meet a venture capitalist. Ecostart (incubating system) established by Luxembourg Government is supporting small companies to make the inroads easy into Luxembourg. MoyaSoft finally signed a contract with a datacenter company Telindus.

Considering the business setup in Luxembourg, MoyaSoft appreciated the short period of time (three weeks to get a permit), low costs for the business setup and strong and active support from the Luxembourg government.

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