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MIXvoip, a Luxembourg company, enhances its MIXpbx solution towards an […]

February 10, 2011

MIXvoip, a Luxembourg company, enhances its MIXpbx solution towards an optimised and more effective telecommunication experience. Loic Didelot, founder and CTO of MIXvoip comments, “The MIXpbx is a virtual telephony  solution for all communication needs. No matter what type of business you are – a big business or a SME, and where you work from – your home-office, or a virtual office, having a hosted PBX means flexibility, cost reduction and effective communications, without the expense of buying and maintaining your own phone system, software or even hardware. All you need is a phone and we take care of the rest”. Telephony is moving into the cloud in the same manner as server, backup and e-mail solution do.


The MIXpbx can increase the capacity of an old PBX and allows the connection of new voice over IP phones. Calls can then be routed between the old and the new phones without technological hick ups.


The virtual or cloud version of the MIXpbx encompasses a number of competitive features and advantages that cannot be overlooked:

– The use of Voice over IP is synonymous of flexibility and reliability with 99.999% uptime, real call routing, interactive voice menus, simple administration, and professional support. The MIXpbx can be up and running within minutes.

The installation of a VoIP system does not imply a big capital outlay and customers will directly benefit from a large panel of extra features. With a virtual phone system, all incoming calls can be routed to any type of phone, anywhere and “in some cases you could even save the expense of an office rent and move into a virtual office. Take for example a company of 5-6 employees, completely sales oriented, willing to develop across European borders with people always on the road, there would be no need to set up an office to receive customers’ calls This flexibility is key in today’s businesses”, says Loic.

– Thanks to the MIXpbx and its large number of incoming lines, any number being called will never ring busy. The MIXpbx also allows the set up of a custom greeting, which certifies a company’s professionalism and makes it a customer care oriented business.

 – Small businesses often start with a small PBX and have to buy new systems as they grow or pay too much up-front, trying to make sure their system will be big enough to handle future growth. “The MIXpbx answers this issue as it is based on a pay as you grow cost model that allows to start as small as you want and grow to unlimited size, while only paying for what you need”.


The Voice over IP communication system offers a great range of advantages and allows low cost calls. MIXvoip has developed state of the art services for an even more optimised telephony experience. 

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