Minimizing Downtime with Hitachi Vantara’s

Modern Data Protection Solutions

April 29, 2019

IT is constantly evolving as it adapts and adjusts to a tumultuous business climate. Digital transformation is driving IT initiatives at an unprecedented level, but organizations still have plenty of room to grow. A combined 44% of organizations surveyed by ESG said they currently have not implemented or are just starting to implement digital transformation initiatives. This effort is business-critical: 86% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that if they do not embrace digital transformation, they will be a less competitive and/or effective organization. 1

Storage and data protection were of particular note. Forty-five percent of the organizations surveyed by ESG indicated that they will increase their spending in data protection, and 42% will increase their storage infrastructure spending.2 That should not be surprising: According to separate ESG research, the growth rate of total primary storage capacity now averages roughly 34% annually.3

At the heart of the matter is the ability of IT to efficiently meet modern data protection service levels as their organizations undergo these transformation and modernization efforts. IT is responsible for truly managing data and service-interruption events, both minor and major, and that’s where the data protection infrastructure plays a critical role. It mitigates technical and business risks while the organization proceeds on its transformation journey.


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