Metallic cloud-based data protection by Commvault now available through POST Luxembourg

POST Luxembourg is pleased to announce the launch of Metallic in Luxembourg. The suite of next generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) data protection solutions by Commvault is now offered as part of POST’s bespoke data management services. This industry-leading new SaaS offering delivers Commvault’s trusted data protection technology through the cloud.

July 2, 2021

Meeting accelerating demand to protect cloud-based environments

A worldwide leader in data solutions, Commvault has traditionally provided on-premise data intelligence services. With the global shift to the cloud, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has now launched a portfolio of SaaS products under the Metallic brand, making it possible for users to easily protect any work environment, including those fully in the cloud.

Pieter Jan Van Steen, Commvault Country Sales Lead for Belux

First offered in the USA, Metallic is now available in 23 countries across Europe, including Luxembourg. “As offices closed across the globe, the need arose for the centralization and protection of the data that was suddenly being created all over the place. It was the right time to launch Metallic and make it possible to protect user data anywhere, from anywhere,” says Pieter Jan Van Steen, Commvault Country Sales Lead for Belux.

Nasreen Husain, Commvault Partner Manager for Belux, agrees, pointing out the impact of the pandemic on Luxembourg-based companies. “Luxembourg is a country where the cloud has been more regulated, so adoption originally moved more slowly than elsewhere. But now everyone is facing the same challenges with working from home – how to manage and protect their data. We can now observe a trend of fast-moving cloud adoption,” she says.

Powerful protection, made easy

Metallic SaaS solutions are designed to be very easy to use and are both scalable and portable. End users range from small companies without a dedicated IT team looking to protect their Office 365 environment to large corporations looking to protect their data stored in the cloud with a cloud-based solution, reducing their reliance on physical data centres. Of key interest for companies in Luxembourg and across the EU is Metallic’s suite of tools that support GDPR compliance.

Nasreen Husain, Commvault Partner Manager for Belux

“The mindset around the importance of data in a company has changed. Working under the umbrella of GDPR, we can help users know what data they have and understand the essence of that data,” explains Husain. “Users can easily search their data, and decide to legally hold, delete or protect it,” adds Van Steen. “Due to local regulations, Luxembourg-based companies have many restrictions they need to address, including European regulations like GDPR that need to be followed. Our Metallic solutions can accommodate that for them,” he notes.

POST reaches new level of Commvault partnership with Market Builder status

The launch of Metallic as part of POST’s repertoire of business solutions comes on the heels of its newly acquired status as a Commvault Market Builder. With the long history of partnership between the two companies dating back to 2004, POST has built up a market-leading level of experience and expertise in the deployment and management of Commvault solutions.

“The knowledge that POST has around Commvault as an authorized Support Partner and Market Builder gives them the ability to be there for the customer,” says Husain. This is reflected in POST’s individual approach to each client, providing SMEs and larger organizations with a customized portfolio of solutions to meet their needs, and access teams of experts behind each. With POST’s expertise combined with Commvault’s technology, businesses in Luxembourg can better control and manage their data, in fully cloud-based or complex hybrid environments.

Let’s get started. Try Metallic free.

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