MACH Appoints New CTO to Build its Mobile Exchange Solutions

MACH, the provider of hub-based mobile communications exchange solutions, today […]

February 5, 2010

MACH, the provider of hub-based mobile communications exchange solutions, today announced the appointment of Chris Burke to the new position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This appointment signals the beginning of a new phase of service development and provision as the world leader in data and financial clearing responds to the ever-increasing pace of change in the mobile telecommunications industry.

Announcing the appointment, the CEO and President of MACH, Guy Dubois said: “Our mission is to bring together the growing universe of Communication Service Providers (CSPs), encompassing public and private companies in the telecom, Internet, cable, satellite and managed services businesses, enabling them to fulfil their mobile visions, quickly, cost-effectively and to the highest standards of quality.

The marketplace is expanding and diversifying – evolving technologies and new market entrants are increasing the range and scope of products and services available. At the same time, growing consumer sophistication and higher expectations are increasing demand for new telecommunications services.”

MACH’s investment in innovative technology unifies this diverging market, providing a single source of multi-lateral applications that accelerate the accurate exchange of traffic, service delivery and financial settlement between CSPs of every type, in any location.

The establishment of the CTO position and the appointment of a uniquely-qualified CTO mark a major step forward in the realisation of a major service implementation programme, the first steps of which will be announced at the Mobile World Congress.

Chris Burke has joined MACH as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to achieve these objectives, bringing a wealth of international wireless and IT expertise, having held both technical and general management positions as MD EMEA for Research In Motion, CTO/CIO for Vodafone UK Ltd, CTO/CIO of Fixed Line Service Provider, Energis, and Director R&D, Bell Northern Research (formerly Nortel R&D), in a career spanning Europe and North America. In addition to his responsibilities as CTO of MACH, Chris will continue to supplement his wide-ranging industry experience in parallel – as a board member, industry advisor and private investor.

Chris Burke has made the following statement: “I am delighted to be joining MACH and very much looking forward to meeting the challenges of the mobile industry of tomorrow in this increasingly diversified market.

MACH’s commitment to the success of its customers and its response to the market forces driving our industry are based on one unquestionable truth – success is built on rapid and consistent innovation.

We will achieve this through industry best practice – with operational efficiencies that reduce time-to-market and process cycle time, with proven and proprietary methodologies to maximise reliability and service quality, by creating new economies of scale and utilising our deep industry experience to reduce operational costs for every customer.”

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