LU‐CIX and IX Reach Open up Connectivity to Major Internet Exchanges

LU-CIX, Luxembourg’s Commercial Internet Exchange is moving a step forward […]

April 3, 2013

LU-CIX, Luxembourg’s Commercial Internet Exchange is moving a step forward in its evolution since its foundation in 2009, by launching the ‘Central European Peering Hub’ concept and announcing international connectivity solutions provider, IX Reach, as its first partner connecting LU-CIX members to other European IXs through their respective reseller programs.

According to LU-CIX CEO, Claude Demuth’s announcement at the last LU-CIX press conference in September 2012, “2013 is going to be a key year for LU-CIX’s evolution”. Located in the heart of the so called ‘Golden Ring’, LU-CIX is, once more, leveraging its central geographic position within the European Internet and Peering Hubs to launch a new concept that is profitable for its various kinds of members: the ‘Central European Peering Hub’ solution.

The aim of the ‘Central European Peering Hub’ is to provide the opportunity to every LU-CIX member to easily connect to other IXs’ reseller programs, AMS-IX (Amsterdam), LINX (London), DE-CIX (Frankfurt) and France-IX (Paris), etc., and therefore to the biggest Internet Exchanges (IX) in the world. It allows smaller LU-CIX members to hook onto the big IXs through the already high performing LU-CIX platform and via existing international infrastructures and connections from larger LU-CIX members, such as IX Reach.

Claude Demuth comments, “In short, this is a win-win deal for all parties involved: larger LU-CIX members can sell transport services to targeted IXs all over the world, smaller LU-CIX members gain easy and cost-efficient access to those IXs, whilst LU-CIX increases its traffic load; and last but not least, Luxembourg strengthens its reputation and attractiveness as an ICT hub”.

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As a key international player in providing connectivity solutions and a global leader in remote peering services, IX Reach is an obvious choice for becoming the first ‘carrying member’ of the new LU-CIX solution; offering additional access to other IXs reseller programs to smaller members of the LU-CIX platform.

IX Reach is also able to offer customers capacity with the lowest latency routes available between Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Luxembourg, as well as between Paris and Frankfurt.

“We’re extremely pleased to add LU-CIX to our ever expanding list of Internet Exchange partners.” comments IX Reach’s Founder and Director, Stephen Wilcox. “We’re particularly excited by the opportunities Luxembourg holds. It’s fast becoming an important European center for gaming, hosting and financial services, all of which are interesting companies for us and who can benefit greatly from our lowest latency routes and remote peering services now available from LU-CIX. Offering other Internet Exchanges from LUCIX, the Central European Peering Hub, is a new and interesting approach we believe will benefit Luxembourg, and the members of LU-CIX and we were keen to be the first partners.”

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