LRI Invest S.A. Luxembourg goes for XENTIS of Profidata

LRI Invest S.A. is the newest member of Profidata’s XENTIS […]

May 5, 2009

LRI Invest S.A. is the newest member of Profidata’s XENTIS clients in Luxembourg. LRI Invest is going to replace the current Fund Accounting system with XENTIS, the fully integrated Fund Administration and Fund Accounting system.

Mr. Markus Gierke, Chairman of the Board of LRI Invest S.A., comments on the decision for XENTIS as follows: “XENTIS will enable us to better meet the sophisticated demands of Fund Administration and Fund Accounting in this dynamic market environment. Apart from the rich functionality and very good usability of XENTIS, the future proof and fully integrated Front-to-Back system architecture was convincing. Which is why we will also implement the Order and Investment Compliance module of XENTIS.”

With LRI Invest S.A. Profidata was able to acquire the second new client in Luxembourg within only nine months. The total number of XENTIS clients in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is now at six fund administrations and custodians.
LRI Invest S.A. LRI Invest has exactly the right expertise and the kind of modular capabilities which fund managers and asset managers need to successfully implement their investment ideas.

LRI Invest has been active for their customers in Luxembourg since 1988 and also manage their own range of funds as well as partner funds. LRI Invest supports its partners with a modular range of services when it comes to launching and administering investment funds. The LRI Invest S.A. is member of the LBBW Group and fully owned by Landesbank Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart.

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