Logica, Sun Microsystems show how to process massive growth in payments volumes

Logica, an IT and business services company, announced the results […]

March 10, 2009

Logica, an IT and business services company, announced the results of a high-performance benchmarking test carried out on Logica’s All Payments Solution (LAPS), the company’s new payments hub, with Sun Microsystems’ T-Series and Sun SPARC Enterprise(R) M-Series servers.

LAPS achieved a record processing capability in excess of 50 million payments per hour. This performance exceeds by far the low value volume requirements for any bank, from small regional to the largest global financial institutions, and demonstrates that Logica‘s payments hub can scale to support not only a bank’s organic growth but any future merger and acquisition activity.

Sarah Loveday, managing director, global financial products at Logica, comments: “With the year-on-year growth in payments volumes and declining revenues, banks are under increasing pressure to transform their payment business, by reducing costs and increasing flexibility and functionality. Regulatory drivers such as the Single Europe Payments Area (SEPA) and the Payments Services Directive (PSD) combined with the effects of the global economic downturn, which has increased the number of mega-bank mergers, have made the need to transform the payments business even more urgent. With our experience and expertise in the payments arena, we enable banks to re-engineer their payments processes and create a payments services hub that will not only handle the growth in payment volumes but will also provide the flexibility to support the changing business needs of the future.”

This benchmark test has proven that Logica’s payments hub can cost-effectively manage the entire retail payments traffic in any bank. LAPS has been designed to process high volumes and support the complexities of multiple entities in any insourcing or acquisition scenario.

“The benchmark proves that LAPS can process over 50 million transactions per hour, which exceeded the original test targets by a phenomenal 70 percent, says Joaquin de Valenzuela, manager, global retail banking solution at Sun Microsystems. “Deploying Logica’s system on Sun’s Solaris(TM) 10 Operating System (OS) provides banks with a high-end, scalable solution that allows them to maximise throughput and lower the total cost of ownership while simplifying their IT environments.”

For the benchmark test, Logica and Sun Microsystems recreated the payments environment according to the real requirements of a global bank, processing outgoing SEPA Credit Transfer requests to Euro Banking Association (EBA). Logica’s payments platform used a 10g Oracle database and the Solaris 10 OS. The project was undertaken by a joint Logica and Sun Microsystems team in Sun’s performance testing facilities in Scotland.

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