Linedata Services’ Longview Declared “Best Buy-Side OMS” winning Prestigious Waters Award

Linedata Services has named Best Buy-Side OMS (Order Management System) […]

August 13, 2008

Linedata Services has named Best Buy-Side OMS (Order Management System) for its LongView Trading product by Waters, a leading publication tracking technology in the securities industry. Waters awards the title based on votes by end-users of the technology, reflecting LongView Trading’s value with the most important stakeholders in the marketplace – buy-side investment professionals.

The award follows an extremely productive year for Linedata Services’ LongView Trading in terms of both sales and technology. The company has won 10 contracts for LongView in the last few months, driven by market demand for the ASP version of the product, which delivers the full functionality of this award-winning platform in a streamlined, low maintenance package. Linedata Services also introduced LongView’s broker-neutral, blotter synchronization technology, which allows users to send orders to multiple liquidity destinations simultaneously without fear of over execution.

“Linedata Services has a tradition of innovation and service across all of its key business lines,” said Anvaraly Jiva, CEO and Chairman of Linedata Services. “LongView has long been recognized by our clients as best in its class for technology and functionality. We are pleased to see that this value is being communicated to the rest of the market.”

Over the last year, LongView has demonstrated that it handles trade throughput of two times the average daily trading volume of the NASDAQ stock exchange, making it a leading solution for investors with increasingly complex trading strategies that focus on high volumes. Linedata’s LongView has also continued to lead the industry with its use of data visualization, creating a highly intuitive, trader-centric interface for the OMS.

“LongView Trading is the most innovative, scalable, fast, and stable solution for the buy-side, which we complemented with excellent client support” said Annie Morris, Managing Director for Linedata Services North America. “I want to express my deepest thanks to our clients for helping us receive this honor.”

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