La Poste Belgium wins highlight momentum with Sybase PowerDesigner

PowerDesigner enables companies to respond to business and competitive changes […]

November 27, 2009

PowerDesigner enables companies to respond to business and competitive changes in a more agile way with “link and synch” technology. Among its continuously expanding PowerDesigner customer base, Sybase, an enterprise software and services company exclusively focused on managing and mobilizing information, can now also count De Post / La Poste, the mail service of Belgium.

De Post / La Poste has selected the PowerDesigner enterprise modeling tool to implement an enterprise architecture that supplies its organization with powerful analysis, design and metadata management techniques. The new PowerDesigner solution, introduced in September 2008, supports enterprise architecture implementation with its Link and Synch technology, allowing users to align IT systems with business requirements, respond to competitive changes in a more agile way and achieve regulatory compliance and standards.

Today’s enterprises are looking for a tool that simplifies communication between business and IT. PowerDesigner 15 supports Enterprise Architecture implementation from business goals through implementation, thus removing the silos, increasing the alignment and improving business agility in order to respond to changes in economics, technology, competition and regulations.

“Business strategists, planners and analysts can derive considerable benefit from an EA tool, because it helps them to better understand the complex system of IT resources and its support of the business,” writes Greta James, research vice president of Gartner.

De Post – La Poste

Using PowerDesigner, De Post – La Poste has developed an application for its human resources department which improves the quality and professionalism of certified reports. The system also establishes a link between each column of final reports and the definitions of the respective data sources. PowerDesigner provides the required level of content certainty and allows accurate interpretation of the information contained in the reports.

“De Post – La Poste has a rich capital of knowledge, but a lack of effective management could cause it to be scattered and underutilized. By incorporating PowerDesigner, we have established a central Enterprise Architecture repository where deliverables can systematically imported and stored using PowerDesigner’s extended model definition and scripting environment,” said Marcello Cesaro, enterprise architect, De Post – La Poste. “PowerDesigner helps define and implement a ‘best practice’ structure which allows us to analyze complex structures, and reduce the costs of IT development, support and maintenance while aligning development to the strategy, business processes and IT systems of our company.”

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