Korean gaming company Mgame trusts EBRC

Luxembourg Online Gaming community gains new reference by adding Mgame. Korean publisher chooses Luxembourg reliability due to past company’s revenue and reputation trouble in German Data Centre.

March 12, 2014

Luxembourg Online Gaming community gains new reference by adding Mgame. Korean publisher chooses Luxembourg reliability due to past company’s revenue and reputation trouble in German Data Centre.

Founded in 1999, Mgame is one of the popular Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game developers and publishers in Korea, boasting over 20M registered users and more than 50 games published in Korea. Their MMO games are also being published in Asia, North/South America, Europe and Russia with dozens of local language versions.

Mgame’s server infrastructure was originally colocated in a German Data Centre. However, the service was not in line with the expected quality and Mgame suffered from connectivity troubles forcing the users to disconnect, thus affecting the company’s revenue and reputation.

Mgame started evaluating several Data Centres in Luxembourg, for its unrivaled ICT environment, but also others European countries. Mgame finally decided to trust in EBRC’s Trusted Data Centre Services to support its infrastructure. “EBRC’s focuses on excellence, high security and high availability as well as its top-notch Tier IV certifications. Its competitive contract conditions, compared to our previous Data Centre provider, strongly oriented our decision”, Steven Choi, Mgame Director of the International Business commented.

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