KNEIP and CETRELSecurities to offer regulatory filing and fund distribution support

KNEIP and CETRELSecurities today announced the launch of the first […]

September 12, 2011

KNEIP and CETRELSecurities today announced the launch of the first international notification and written notice platform to manage, disseminate and track fund documents.

Previous to UCITS IV, fund registration in some countries could take up to two months to process. While UCITS IV speeds up the entry of UCITS funds into cross-border markets, it has also introduced a need for enhanced regulatory filing and distribution support. This new platform bridges the gap between asset managers and home/host regulators by providing end-to-end management of fund registration and notifications, document dissemination, and distribution support.

The KNEIP-CETRELSecurities platform brings fresh competition to the regulatory filing space, with cost savings of up to 40% compared to current market prices. It also reduces time to market, matching the new notification process requirements of UCITS IV. In addition, this new service will be integrated in a wider documentation solution, enabling asset managers to efficiently disseminate fund documentation to distributors and professional intermediaries as well as UCITS IV compliant public website.
Bob Kneip, CEO of KNEIP said: ‘’We are excited to be a part of building a new era in the European fund industry through more open, cost effective, business-efficient services. Creating this platform will help asset managers gain efficiency in registering and distributing their funds. And this enables them to concentrate on their core business.’’

As part of an ongoing initiative to create a more open architecture, Luxembourg regulator CSSF recently approved the KNEIP-CETRELSecurities platform for regulatory documents and filing of prudential statistical reports.
Renaud Oury, Executive Vice President at CETRELSecurities, added: “CETRELSecurities is a designated CSSF transmission channel. With the 25 years of experience of CETREL, along with our reputation in technology security, we are able to facilitate the European fund industry to be more efficient, offering asset managers a secure platform that supports their cross-border fund distribution needs with a high degree of confidence.”

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