KAS BANK outsources mainframe services to Atos Origin

Atos Origin, an international IT services provider, signed a 2½ […]

May 19, 2009

Atos Origin, an international IT services provider, signed a 2½ year contract with KAS BANK, a European independent specialist in securities services, for the outsourcing of its mainframe services. The move of KAS BANK’s mainframe services in Amsterdam, London and Wiesbaden to Atos Origin’s European mainframe data centre in Essen (Germany) will enable KAS BANK to be flexible in freeing up the capacity it needs. Outsourcing to Atos Origin will guarantee the continuation of compliancy requirements such as SAS70.

KAS BANK chose Atos Origin because of its extensive track record in business-critical environments within the financial sector. Atos Origin can guarantee KAS BANK the necessary continuity of its main critical business applications during the migration of the mainframe services.

The contract includes the management of the mainframe environment infrastructure and will initially run for 2½ years.

Peter ’t Jong, Executive Vice President Managed Operations at Atos Origin in the Netherlands, sees the contract with KAS BANK as confirmation of Atos Origin’s strong position within the financial services sector: “We work for a large number of financial organisations and manage their core processes. It is great that KAS BANK has also given us the opportunity to show that we are the best international partner to support the continuity and growth of the bank. We can provide a flexible solution which is also fully scalable besides guaranteeing the continuity of business processes during the migration process and after.”

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