Independent Oracle User Groups will merge into Oracle Benelux User Group

Since its establishment in 2007, the Oracle Benelux User Group […]

April 10, 2009

Since its establishment in 2007, the Oracle Benelux User Group (OBUG) has had the character of a federation, a cooperation of several user groups. Two years into the federation, two events have been organized and the OBUG did research on creating a single user group: the Oracle Benelux User Group. BLOUG, BRUG and OAUG have already voted in favour of the merger. The OGh board decided, after mature deliberation, not to vote for the merger and will discuss this with its members during the annual meeting in April.

Under these circumstances OBUG’s first President, Ruud Bos (OGh), decided to resign. This resignation was granted. The OBUG board respects Ruud’s decision and explanation. Amongst their midst Gerard Stam was recruited to fulfil a role as acting President. New elections will be held as soon as the integration has been completed. The OBUG and individual boards are looking at some final details before the merger can and will be effected. For now we are looking at a timeframe of the second half of 2009 but in time for Oracle Open World.

The OBUG has stated its purposes as follows:

* Maintaining contact with Oracle Benelux on behalf of the individual members of the Oracle Benelux User Group
* Organising user events and other information-sharing activities
* All other that refers to, and/or contributes to the above

Focus of the OBUG will first of all go to our long-time, loyal members, securing that each and everyone feels at home, SIGs are continued and the back –office is secured. Secondly we are looking at welcoming the first potential new product line, “Hyperion”, on which talks are scheduled for mid April. More product-lines will hopefully soon follow.

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