Imagine your Digital Transformation with nvision & Fujitsu

Fujitsu and Nvision organise a presentation at Namur on 25th february at 18h15. Your new digital story through 5th chapters.

February 12, 2015

nvision & Fujitsu hold a presentation at Namur on 25th February at 18h15. Your digital transformation through 5 chapters.

  • Digital strategy “In the heart of your business”: Transform your business model, multichannel and customer centric services;
  • User experience “between emotion and perception”: Define your brand identity, a new level of experience, design smart interfaces;
  • Technology “Make it simple whilst it’s complex”: Digital technology and experience, digital security, a mix of technologies;
  • Conversation “Involve users and they will learn”: use of social networks, understand your customers, a connected company;
  • Optimisation “Spreading the word everywhere”: From the push to the pull, content is kind, give a meaning to your data.
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