Ikano, when non core activities become heart ! Part 2 : the IT organisation

[question]What are the IT projects you’re currently working on?[/question][answer] First […]

July 10, 2012

[question]What are the IT projects you’re currently working on?[/question][answer]

First of all, we have worked on putting together a Corporate Network, which was decisive for supporting the Ikano strategy.

The projects we are working on to create more synergies are numerous:

  • we’re going to unify an Active Directory Corporate ;
  • we will provide for a globalised Exchange ;
  • we will develop VoIP across the group, mobile solutions, etc.

These projects can only take place on a group level, which helps to avoid having solutions that are not compatible or to keep integration issues to a minimum. We’re also thinking about unifying document dematerialisation across the group entities.

[/answer][question]With such a strategy do you need to only go for standard solutions?[/question][answer]

Not necessarily, we have quite a lot of choice. Either, if no prior solution already exists, we evaluate the solutions that are on the market. Or, if local experiences were successful, we think about extending them to the whole group. This is how videoconferencing, which was at first put in place only for the Finance business line, eventually became a standard for the group.

[/answer][question]How is your IT staff structured ?[/question][answer]

At Ikano, the IT represents about 200 people total, to which we must add up to hundred external resources, in a 3,500 employees group. In terms of local presence, the Swedish, Danish, Luxembourg and Singaporian departments have the most important part of staff. With regards to activities, it is in the Finance business line that we find most of the technology profiles.[/answer]

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