ICTLuxembourg celebrates 10 years of technological innovation

On Wednesday, June 19, ICTLuxembourg commemorated a significant milestone in its journey by celebrating its tenth anniversary at a distinguished gala at BIL in Luxembourg. This event convened leaders and innovators from the Grand Duchy’s information and communication technology ecosystem for an unforgettable evening of celebration and forward-thinking discussions.

June 20, 2024

Since its inception in 2014, ICTLuxembourg has positioned itself as a vital platform for fostering and promoting technological innovation in Luxembourg. With its 22 members, primarily representing professional associations, but also public research institutions and companies, ICTLuxembourg plays a pivotal role in aligning the interests of the ICT sector and fostering a vibrant and collaborative technology ecosystem.

The event was marked by inspiring speeches. Olivier Gorin, COO and Member of the Executive Committee of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL), inaugurated the conference with his welcoming remarks. He stated: “BIL is the place to be tonight for all we have accomplished in ICT transformation at the bank and for being the home of the CIO of the Year, just elected a few weeks ago. I’m convinced that technology offers the possibility to reshape the business.” Gorin congratulated ICTLuxembourg and the ecosystem for contributing to “redefine the world of possibilities.”

A super strong pillar

This was followed by uplifting speeches from Elisabeth Margue, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister for Media and Connectivity, and Stéphanie Obertin, Minister for Digitalisation. They underscored the importance of innovation and digitalization for Luxembourg’s future.

Minister Elisabeth Margue expressed, “Ten years ago, tech companies were considered as only niche businesses, but as we have ensured that Luxembourg is digitally well connected to major European capitals, provides a favourable legal framework, and by investing in cybersecurity to protect our shared digital assets, the sector developed into a strong pillar for the country. We want to remain the frontrunner in digital technology, the key being also the strong partnership we have established between the public and private sectors.”

Addressing the AI strategy and the quantum computing initiatives currently under development, Minister Stéphanie Obertin continued, “On June 12, we filed the bill relating to the valorization of data in a trusted environment and the implementation of the ‘once only’ principle. The text also

applies certain provisions of the Data Governance Act. Thus, the government aims to give entirely new added value to the data held by the State.”

Amal Choury, Chairwoman of ICTLuxembourg, then took the stage to present an overview of the ecosystem’s remarkable achievements over the past ten years, highlighting ICTLuxembourg’s ongoing commitment to excellence and growth in the ICT field. Amal Choury also stated, “Our mission was clear from the start: to create synergy between the various stakeholders in the sector, whether they are associations or large companies, service providers or users, or public research institutions, to jointly tackle the challenges of digitalization and build a competitive environment in Luxembourg.”

The highlight of the evening was the keynote speech by Yvo Volman, from the Directorate General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission. He concluded the session by discussing the challenges and opportunities related to data and artificial intelligence in the coming digital decade. Volman began with a quiz, “In your opinion, which European policies originated here: those on quantum computing, the metaverse and virtual worlds, or digital identities?”, specifying the role of DG Connect in Luxembourg. “Well, it’s all three.” Setting the stage of the Digital Decade, Volman presented the ambition of the DG to establish a comprehensive digital rule book in the EU. A priority for all: “Data is the raw material for the economy and AI travels at the speed of data,” he said, emphasizing the driving role of the entire ecosystem.

Flowers for a decade

“Past achievements are no guarantee of future success, especially in a world where technology evolves at a fast pace. Digital and energy transitions are at the heart of current challenges, and we are pleased that Luxembourg has fully understood this,” Amal Choury remarked. Calling on all talents in society to address these challenges, the chairwoman did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ICTLuxembourg with two female ministers responsible for digitization in the government, presenting them with a bouquet of flowers also, saluting the members of the association and the ICTLuxembourg board for their unwavering commitment to advancing digital technology in society.

ICTLuxembourg demonstrates that the association acts as a constructive and open partner for the benefit of the entire tech community. Amplifying the voices of players in cybersecurity, cloud computing, AI, fintech, innovation, and startups and many more, ICTLuxembourg supports with frankness and guides with conviction the building of a strong digital presence in Luxembourg and Europe.

The gala concluded with a convivial dinner, where guests had the opportunity to network and celebrate a decade of successful innovations and collaborations.

For more information about ICTLuxembourg and its initiatives, please visit our website.

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