How do we cope with the Cloud Innovation speed?

People & skills are the key…

December 2, 2020

Irina Neagu Muceli, Head of Sales – Marketing & Communication / Elgon

In the last years the IT landscape shifted from the traditional on-premises world to the sophisticated sparkling Cloud services; Luxembourg is now ready to embrace the digital transformation and take benefit of the innovation to stay ahead in the competitive economic global landscape.

Our customers expect from a partner like Elgon to support their digital journey with concrete actions and projects, therefore we needed to change gear, adapt our value proposition, and propose innovative cloud-based approaches.

Elgon is a Microsoft certified partner that shifted from a System Integrator company towards a Managed Services Cloud Provider, while using the innovation power of its’ giant partner, Microsoft.

We would like to share with you our way of innovating in the Luxembourgian market: this is not product related, this has to do with our pioneering attitude to implement cutting-edge technologies that our customers need when the market in not ready to provide them.

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework is a working methodology that Elgon has adapted to the size and challenges of the Luxembourgian IT landscape : we know that moving to the Cloud in not only a technology matter and we want to support our customers in their whole journey from the : strategy definition, planning, ready for migration, up to the cloud adoption and innovation. Two important pillars of our services offering are related to the cloud governance and the cloud security. For every client we build their own Cloud Adoption Framework based on the business and IT specificities.

Azure VMware solution is a cloud-based service that Microsoft and VMware built together to support the easier cloud adoption of the on-premises VMware based customers. While assessing our customer on-premises environment we decided to move towards Azure VMware solution and started to implement a Proof of Concept when the product was available only in Private Preview. For this to happen, our cloud architects are collaborating with the Microsoft AVS Product Group and with Microsoft FastTrack Program Manager so that brand new technologies could be implemented in Luxembourg while the product would become available in the market. In parallel to that, our architects are helping the AVS Product Group to validate the capability of this product to be available worldwide to all Microsoft partners via the well-known CSP channel.

Windows Virtual Desktop can be defined as a “born in the cloud” VDI solution, which provides the only Office 365 ProPlus and Microsoft Store App support while using the exclusively built Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session operating system. WVD offers the possibility to virtualize Desktops and Applications, while delivering a unique integration in the on-premises end-user workloads: security, high availability, and the necessary infrastructure are built in by default. We decided to offer this solution as a service to our customers and several Luxembourgian and international clients are consuming VDI with a cloud based financial model today.

The rapid adoption of these cloud-based technologies requires taking risks, transforming the services catalogue continuously, and the most important collaborating with open-minded motivated employees to cope with the transformation, adopt the changes rapidly and be of valuable help for our customers. We are proud to contribute together with Microsoft to the success of our customers’ cloud journey in Luxembourg.

Article by Irina Neagu Muceli, Head of Sales, Marketing & Communication, Elgon

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