Fujitsu Invests to Drive and Implement Innovation

Fujitsu announces details of how it is investing €345 million over the next three years into its Global Delivery capability in order to bring innovative new ICT services and solutions to market.

November 21, 2014

Fujitsu announces details of how it is investing €345 million (50 billion Yen) over the next three years into its Global Delivery capability in order to bring innovative new ICT services and solutions to market.

Alongside the goal of globally standardizing its service delivery offerings, Fujitsu sees innovation as a key enabler for its customers to better and faster achieve their own business goals, while being a significant differentiator in an increasingly commoditized global services market.

Fujitsu has created a new Global Delivery organisation, led by Executive Vice President Hidenori Furuta, which supports a workforce of more than 60,000 service professionals. A high priority is being placed on creating new value-added ICT services and innovative solutions by leveraging the service-led culture fostered in Japan, based on deep customer intimacy and jointly agreed outcomes. Fujitsu is also investing in its workforce, fostering global talent to achieve business growth.

With its Global Delivery business Fujitsu is targeting organizations that want to start or accelerate their own journey of globalization, offering a differentiated, human centric approach. Since the business was formed in April this year, Fujitsu has already secured some significant major wins, with customers recognizing the value-add that one of the world’s leading ICT service providers is able to deliver.

Results from Fujitsu’s new approach are already coming to market, such as PalmSecure ID Match, an innovative deployment to enable secure mobile commerce. The device is based on Fujitsu’s unique PalmSecure technology, which uses oxygen-depleted blood veins in the hand to determine an individual’s identity, and boasts a much-lower false positive rate than traditional fingerprint biometric identity management. PalmSecure ID Match solves many of the headaches of accepting payments on mobile devices – providing reliable and easy-to-use multi-factor verification for a wide range of applications, also preventing unauthorized access and protecting customer data and payments.

In addition to focusing on driving continuous improvement in delivering service desk services to its customers, Fujitsu is accelerating its investment in developing and introducing disruptive future service solutions, such as an analytics-focused service desk that will both further empower end users and reduce costs for the organization.

A new Fujitsu “end-to-end” (e2e) services system is under development to deliver tangible improvements in operational efficiency that will flow through to customers. Spanning incident management, field engineering scheduling and spares management, the Fujitsu e2e Global Delivery initiative will provide a holistic set of toolsets and services to deliver true customer value, using smart alerting and analysis to deliver proactive services management in line with Service Level Agreements.

Human Centric Innovation

As part of its vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society, Fujitsu’s Global Delivery organization is bringing Fujitsu’s emerging technologies and solutions to market, and delivering these as an ICT service. As the adoption of cloud-based services becomes more both mainstream and increasingly deeply integrated into the workflows of companies and organizations of all sizes, Fujitsu is investing in ICT services and solutions that are capable of delivering both business and social innovation.
Examples include areas such as modernizing work style, where it is now commonplace to see the use of smart devices in the field and the use of augmented reality in supporting maintenance engineers. In manufacturing, Fujitsu is supporting its customers with the growing use of wearable devices, human sensing and new integration technologies. Fujitsu also sees great potential in the Internet of Things (IoT) and has already worked on more than 100 IoT projects with customers in Japan.

Hidenori Furuta, Executive Vice President, Global Delivery at Fujitsu (photo) said “By making a substantial investment in developing both our Global Delivery capability and innovative new services, we are focusing on positioning Fujitsu as the number one choice for organizations that are looking to transform their businesses. Our approach is services-focused, centered on the foundations of quality, collaboration and a dedication to understanding and serving our customers’ needs. Fujitsu’s aim is to help customers not just to adapt but to thrive as they enter the new era of digital transformation.”

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