FRSGlobal partners with Syncordis

FRSGlobal, the provider of risk and regulatory reporting solutions signed […]

March 17, 2009

FRSGlobal, the provider of risk and regulatory reporting solutions signed a partnership with Syncordis SA, a Luxembourg-based banking business consultancy. Their collaboration will cover a large number of European countries. Syncordis offers implementation and support services for standard core banking systems including the global banking platform Temenos T24. The company has rapidly earned the reputation of being a trustworthy implementation partner and was made Local Country Partner of Temenos. As a Tactical Partner of Temenos, FRSGlobal integrates its own FinancialAnalytics platform within the T24/Global application suite. The combined solution is available to international banks and financial institutions and covers risk and compliance with both local and global regulatory reporting requirements.

Focus of the new partners’ joint activities will be on coordination and sustainability of the solution. With its in-depth T24 knowledge and multiple implementations of legal reporting requirements, Syncordis will ensure that the T24 banking solution and its interface with the FRSGlobal product are parameterized correctly, independently of T24 releases.

Marc Tesolin, Director Professional Services at FRSGlobal, said: “We are convinced that our cooperation with Temenos will be leveraged by this new partnership with Syncordis, as it increases continuity and efficiency through joint operations. Together we will be able to create ideal conditions to service mutual clients.” Guillaume Desjonqueres and Luc Gesquiere, Managing Partners at Syncordis, added: “This partnership has evolved naturally from former collaboration with FRSGlobal and both our relationships with Temenos. Clients can only benefit from it. With access to the best technology solutions, expertise, global reach and support services they will be allowed to stay ‘in sync’ with an ever-changing regulatory environment.”

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