Fouress Systems S.A. Launches 4S-Tips™ Testing Software Application

In all IT projects, quality assurance & testing plays a […]

April 2, 2012

In all IT projects, quality assurance & testing plays a vital role in the Software Development Life Cycle; 4S-Tips is a comprehensive tool for Software Testing and Issue Processing, encapsulating everything from Project Requirements to Defect Management. 4S-Tips™ is an essential tool for a corporation’s Quality Assurance team and it also caters for the needs of the Business Requirements Team and the Software Development Team.

4S-Tips includes a highly customisable Reports Module that provides Graphical and Matrix format reports for Management Teams, providing easy-to-read summaries of current status upon which to base business decisions. The flexible nature of 4S-Tips provides a highly-customisable workflow that enables it to be adapted to suit any technical testing environment.

The 4S-Tips™ software tool comprises a comprehensive service suite for commercial organisations to effectively and efficiently manage and undertake Testing of new systems and applications. This includes integration with legacy systems.

4S-Tips™ includes a MANAGER component for Test Managers and Testers, as well as a separate TRACKER component to assist Developers. Messaging features are built into the product which provides an informative and integrated solution for all testing needs.

4S-Tips was designed and built with the advice and guidance of experienced Test Managers, providing them with a practical solution that matches their requirements over a diverse array of domain scenarios and testing ranges. This software is also proving to be of enormous benefit to IT and Project Planning.

4S-Tips™ provides the features and functionality normally associated with heavyweight market competitors, yet at a fraction of the cost and with increased functionality and additional features.

4S-Tips™ has been developed on Microsoft’s .NET platform with SQL database and supporting both server and client (browser) applications

Selvaraj ALAGUMALAI, CEO of Fouress Systems SA, says “4S-Tips™ is the answer to what users have been asking for – a mid-price application with the features and functionality of a heavyweight. It is already operational at sites in Luxembourg and we are expecting plenty of interest from different market sectors. The savings by adopting 4S-Tips™ can be considerable.”

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