EZC Group to fuel the cloud apps in one week

APIs are the fuel of cloud apps, Luxembourg based startup […]

March 19, 2013

APIs are the fuel of cloud apps, Luxembourg based startup EZC Group S.A. announces opening of an API factory to build the PaaS services of the future, and commits to launch an innovative sharing service in one week to demonstrate it.

Breaking the rules, EZC disruptively reduces the barrier to entry for building the backends that give life to our connected applications. And giving new options to app developpers. Cloud APIs such as AWS were a first step but are still of a very low level, far away from common business concerns: there is a serious gap to fill to fuel the applications with powerful web services.

“The YobiDrive platform developped by EZC Group embeds a great technology called contextual storage that makes your storage directly react according to complex business rules. Building an API now becomes an assembly work, only writing the missing plugins” explains François Vaille, founder of EZC. “It is the same kind of move as did the automotive industry when entering the lean arena. Industrial and lightweight are not contradictory anymore”.

As a matter of fact, the YobiDrive FX professional file sharing was built in a couple of months yet implementing a full audit trail and a real digital safe. But this week, something much more ambitious is happening:

EZC Group will developp and launch YobiDrive Flows within one week. Flows will be a revolutionary file, video, picture, and message sharing service, allowing anyone to create an unlimited number of information flows containing multimedia files, business documents and short messages. People interacting 80% of the time with the same communities, this way of sharing will be a great improvement from classic drop and send services.

“Yesterday the flow API has been built by extending Y3, and we are now building the UI. We accept any auditors to check that”, says François. “We commit to have the web app in production by Monday”.

As with any app built on the YobiDrive Y3 platform, operation costs will be dramatically low and allow many business models including AD based models. In fact, Y3 can produce the live storage at a lower cost than Amazon’s long term glacier, and no extra costs are required for running the flow API thanks to the integrated, cost killing approach of YobiDrive.

EZC Group S.A. is a Luxembourg based startup specialized in cloud solutions and technical project management, developping the first cloud productivity platform: YobiDrive Y3. Thanks to a unique data-centric platform services approach, Y3 allows unmatched API development time, establishes a new record in operation costs, and sets up a new level in cloud security with a unique collaborative encryption.

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EZC was EuroCloud Luxembourg Awards Winner and finalist at Accenture Innovation Awards for financial services.

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