Every Business is a Digital Business

Technology is now the underpinning for change and growth. Companies […]

June 13, 2013

Technology is now the underpinning for change and growth. Companies that adopt a new digital mindset will be savvy to this convergence of IT and the business. This year’s Accenture Technology Vision identifies seven trends that should be shaping your digital business for the future.

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“Technology is now intertwined with nearly every aspect of business, Accenture said. Information technology is not only pervasive; it is fast becoming a primary driver of market differentiation, business growth, and profitability. Software is absolutely integral to how we currently run our businesses as well as how we reimagine our businesses as the world continues to change—how we redesign and produce things, how we create and manage new commercial transactions, how we begin to collaborate at unprecedented levels internally and with customers and suppliers. In the new world, our digital efforts will be key to how we innovate and expand our business.”

The report looks at the future of enterprise IT and makes recommendations for how companies can take advantage of technology and software to improve their competitiveness, operations and business results. Discover the seven digital trends for tomorrow’s business.

Click to download the Accenture Technology Vision in summary or the full report.

More infos: http://www.accenture.com/Microsites/it-trends-innovations-2013/Pages/home.aspx

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