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EuroDNS launches a mobile version of its website (, essentially […]

February 11, 2010

EuroDNS launches a mobile version of its website (, essentially made for iPhone users, which enables a simplified and faster process for the registration of any domain names.

The mobile version has been created entirely based on EuroDNS’s existing interface and tools. Users will have the possibility to register any domain names and login into their EuroDNS account to perform renewals. The look and feel has been adapted to the iPhone’s default navigation elements. Xavier Buck, CEO of EuroDNS explains, “As we have entered the iPhone era, we needed to develop a mobile presence in order to allow our users to be able to register their domain names from their mobile, whenever and wherever. We have managed to aggregate EuroDNS’s look and feel and a number of tools. We have also rendered the registration process much simpler and faster, and all the elements are quickly accessible through a user friendly menu structure. To access the EuroDNS Mobile version, use your iPhone and browse: or”.

In addition to quick registration, EuroDNS customers using the mobile version will also have the possibility to view EuroDNS’s FAQs, subscribe to the Newsletter and get some extra information. The benefits of this mobile version are endless and will be constantly updated and improved to fit customers’ needs and expectations.

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