Emergency Communication under control at Societe Generale Bank & Trust (SGBT Luxembourg)

Societe Generale Bank & Trust (SGBT) added the SaaS solution […]

October 19, 2010

Societe Generale Bank & Trust (SGBT) added the SaaS solution of Emergency communication in disaster situations or in case of pandemic planning by AlarmTILT.

Thanks to AlarmTILT the SGBT emergency manager can on the one hand rapidly convene his crisis management teams during an incident and in the same procedure, notify the heads of departments directly concerned. On the other hand the safety of 1,300 members of personnel is increased thanks to an information flow offering them a follow up during the crisis.

The AlarmTILT “Software and Connectivity as a Service” model works fine for SGBT. The management of alerts and notifications outside the affected area increases the chances of success for emergency communication in case of an outage on site.

François Hansen
, Head of BCP for SGBT and Project Manager on AlarmTILT implementation: “The implementation of AlarmTILT allowed us to automate the alert phase in emergency situations and to have a reliable way to communicate with our employees in case of crisis. We were pleased with the easy way of implementation, the user interface is friendly to manipulate even for a layman, and we appreciate the strong action traceability capabilities. M-PLIFY was very open to our ideas in order to enhance the product features. Our proposed modifications helped the product to adapt to the specific requirements of the banking community. “

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