Driving talent strategies in the digital age in fast growing markets

Driving talents strategies - Interview # 4 with A. Coulibaly, EY Luxembourg

July 16, 2018

Digital is forcing companies to reconsider traditional business models and adopt an agile approach to their talent strategies particularly in rapid-growth markets. A shortage of skilled local workers including high-potential talents, along with increased competition from both domestic and international companies, pose serious risks to the ability of organizations to stand at the center of growth opportunities on these geographies. Research conducted through the EY institute for Emerging Markets Studies, indicated that to fix the issue, companies operating in these geographies have been for a long time relying on the oversupply of skills or salaries increases. These proved to be unsustainable responses. Also, according to the world economic forum roughly 7 million jobs will disappear by 2020 as a result of disruptive technologies. Therefore, considering the pace and scale of change driven by new technologies on one hand, market volatility and shifting demographics on the other hand, talent management in rapid growth markets demands greater agility and responsiveness.



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